Special Orders - FAQ

OEM Parts

I need an original manufacturer part (OEM) from a JDM supplier (Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc) how do I order the part?

If you know the part number, the process is as easy as providing that to us.

Once we have that, we can advise if the part is still available and a price within 2 Business days. From there we provide an invoice and payment options (Afterpay, PayPal, bank transfer, credit card etc)

How long does it take for a special order to be received?

Once we get your agreement and payment in full, we can special order the part for you.

This process in total can take between 2-6 weeks to be received within Australia. Please note that the timing is a guide, in some cases we have had specific sea freight items that have taken 8+ months such as 2JZGTE Engine Blocks

We will alert you with updated delivery ETAs as they come through to us, but also note these are subject to change.

Yahoo Auctions

I have found a part on Yahoo Auctions that I would like to purchase, is this a service you offer?

Yes, we can provide this as a service for smaller items.

We are currently unable to provide this for large/freight items (bonnets, bumpers, wheels, seats etc).

The process works by sending us the link either on Facebook or via email. Please provide us with your highest bid in either AUD or Yen so that we can prepare to bid. Note that the below fees and charges may be applicable to your order.

Relevant Fees & Charges:

Local shipping charge (If Applicable) - Varies between JP¥2200 & JP¥3500
International Shipping Charge - Flat rate of JP¥2000 (2kg Package)**
PayPal Fee (If Applicable) - 4% of total transaction value
DNST Admin Fee - 5% of winning bid

Oversized/Heavy items will need to be quoted on a case by case basis.

Example: If your highest bid is AUD500 (JP¥47200), and the winning bid is AUD400 please note that the shipping and PayPal fees will be charged to you over and above the winning bid amount, resulting in the total amount invoiced to you being $400 + Shipping costs + PayPal fees (if Applicable) + 5% DNST service fee

**If it is an oversized package eg. 110cm x 40cm x 40cm, the package itself may only weigh 2kg but the volumetric weight would put the package at 44kg which is the basis of what the air freight provider to Australia will charge

Why do you charge an admin fee?

The admin fee exists for us to complete the sale on your behalf. We monitor the auctions to ensure we remain the top bidder. This takes time and resources as these auctions continue to run and are won outside of regular business hours.

Why should I use your service when websites like Buyee exist?

We provide a personalised service along with guidance that can help you ascertain what is a reasonable bid for certain products along with information and advice about the products themselves.

There is no need to bid blindly with our help.

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