Genuine 2JZGTE Gasket Rebuild Kit (Non VVTi/VVTi)


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Genuine Gasket Rebuild Kit to suit 2JZGTE engines, perfectly suited for a top to bottom refresh or as a pre-cursor to a big build.

Kit includes the following:

11213-46020 - Valve Cover Gasket, Intake Side x1
11214-46011 - Valve Cover Gasket, Exhaust Side x1
90210-07001 - Valve Cover Washers / Grommets x16
90210-08033 - Washer to Front Bearing Caps x4
11115-46052 Head Gasket x1
90430-12028 Oil Drain Plug Gasket x1
90311-40020 Cam Seals x2
90311-90006 Rear Main Seal x1
90311-46001 Front Crank Seal x1
11329-46011 Timing Cover Gasket x1
96721-24022 O-Ring for Oil Pump #1 x1
96721-24031 O-Ring for Oil Pump #2 x1
15147-46010 Oil Stainer Gasket x1
90430-20016 Washer for Oil Filter Bracket Bolt x1
96761-24040 O-Ring for Back of Water Pump x1
96761-24023 O-Ring for Short Water By-Pass Pipe x2
16343-46030 Water Outlet Housing Gasket x1
16325-46010 Water Inlet Housing Gasket x1
16325-62010 Thermostat Gasket x1
17173-46040 Exhaust Gasket #1 x1
17198-46010 Exhaust Gasket #2 x1
17177-46031 Intake Manifold Gasket x1
17176-46030 Surge Tank Gasket x1
15472-46010 Turbo Oil Outlet Gasket x1
90430-12026 Turbo Oil Pipe Union Bolt Gasket x4
90913-02090 Valve Stem Seals, Intake x12
90913-02088 Valve Stem Seals, Exhaust x12
96721-19010 O-Ring for Dipstick Tube x1
90430-12026 Fuel Damper Gasket Pipe Side x1
90430-14008 Fuel Damper Gasket Damper Side x1
23291-75010 Injector Vibration Insulator x12
90301-14006 Injector O-Ring #1 x6
90301-17007 Injector O-Ring #2 x6

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